Stage Build | Mysteryland USA

At festivals like Mysteryland USA, and increasingly many others, entering a new and exciting world of art and imagery is one of the most intriguing aspects for the fans. In this special episode of Industry Profile, we go behind the scenes to meet fabricator and artist Eric Coolidge with Bang On! NYC, to see what goes into creating their unique festival stage.

Mysteryland USA

Hallowed grounds. What could possibly follow up a once in a lifetime event like Woodstock? Enter Mysteryland, a name already so drenched in history, culture and identity. Come take a journey with us to get a feel for everything that went into creating this wonderful experience, that is Mysteryland USA.

Chip Conley | Lightning In A Bottle

Throw a rock in any direction, and you are likely to hit any number of people who claim to be fans of music festivals. What isn’t so common is to find someone who is an absolute embodiment of the goodwill and companionship that comes along with attending such an experience. Enter Chip Conley, founder of Fest300, the premier online destination for access to the best festivals in the world. UphoricTV enlisted the help of our good friend Tucker, The Festival Guy, to sit down with his good friend Chip, and get his views on everything from emanating positive energy, to becoming the best mystical being you can possibly be.

The Gents & The Dead Space | SXSW

Nothing is sexier than talking and chili. Actually there is. We could come up with a lot of things. UphoricTV sat down with The Gents and The Dead Space to talk about the local music scene in Austin, Texas. For The Gents, it was fate that they got together and formed a band. After six years of not seeing one another since high school, two of the bandmates bump into one another in Austin. This conversation was followed by singer and guitarist, Matthew Blissard, fan-girling about The Strokes. With “two-thirds” of The Dead Space from Austin, Texas, Quin Galavis tells us about the changes Austin has made over the past ten years. Austin went from embracing the slacker-vibe to trying to make great music.

Sweet Crude & SFAM | Buku Project

UphoricTV double-teamed Sweet Crude and SFAM while sitting down with some local flavor, Louisiana crawfish! With mouths full of down-home flavor, these three talk big breaks at Buku, the music scene in New Orleans and their plans for releasing new albums and EPs. SFAM describes their upcoming album as ‘pretty’, almost creating their own subgenre called ‘pretty trap’. Sweet Crude is in the home stretch in the creation of their album, out this summer. They’re doing their best to bring sounds to the audience that they have never heard before. It’s safe to say that they all have big plans for their futures.

New Years Eve

In this episode of The Festival Guy. UphoricTV tagged along for his version of New Years Eve. Most people would be happy with just going to one festival as their “resolution”, but most people aren’t Tucker Gumber. Snowglobe in Tahoe, then Sea of Dreams in San Francisco the next night, and finally ringing in the new year in Denver at Decadence. Come join us on for a peek into The Festival Guy’s action packed experience chock-full of tips on where and how you should be spending your winter holidays. Preferably with festival goers decked out in fur, bright colors and bright lights celebrate the new year with electronic dance music, booze and a great sense of PLUR.

Andrew Rauner | Outside Lands

“Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t be there”, says Andrew Rauner, a nightlife, events and music industry photographer. This guy is the epitome of rising to the top. From an amateur sneaking into festivals with his camera, to having access to tons of shows to take photos, Rauner is the real deal.