Magnetic Fields crowd

You’re in a luxury hotel set in a 17th-century palace in Rajastan, India. You are surrounded by food vendors, artisans, and a vibrant community of ambitious dreamers. Among the many things that make Magnetic Fields magical are its setting and its programming, both of which mix old and new, foreign and homegrown.  Here, new artists play future-minded electronic music in environments thousands of years old and local musicians jam alongside international stars.

From left-field electronic funk to gritty bass house to hypnotic dream pop, the festival’s lineup specializes in celebrating the more experimental artists around the world. This year’s festival from December 15-17  is no different, including heavyweights Fourtet, Daphni, Ben UFO, Machinedrum, Khruangbin, Actress, Sassy J, Ska Avengers, and Disco Puppet.

We’ve rounded up ten of our favorites tracks from this year’s lineup to give you a sense of what you can expect to hear at this year’s festival. Any other sensations you may experience there are entirely up to you.