Festival 411 | How To Camp Like A Boss

If you consider yourself a seasoned music festival camper, you know just how frustrating it can be when you’re winging it. Remember the year you forgot to bring sunscreen? Ouch! But with the right preparations, cohabitating with thousands in a remote location for the love of music will quickly become a magical experience you’ll never forget. First-time campers tend to have a few questions. What should I bring? Do I really need that? What if it rains? We understand, there’s a lot to consider when residing in a popup metropolis for three days, so we created a guide to help you plan ahead and camp like a boss.


No one music festival is alike when it comes to camping, so do your research before you hit the road. Today’s festivals are impeccable when it comes to providing fans with tons of information before arriving onsite, so be sure to dig in online. You’ll likely find maps, camping options, and a list of do’s and dont’s. Also, there are usually a variety of camping choices for festivalgoers like sober-living zones, family-focused campsites, and VIP areas for the high rollers. Explore the options to find the best fit and before you arrive, download the festivals’s official app if they have one (most do). It will come in handy when you’re navigating to your campsite at 2 a.m. in a haze of post-concert bliss.

Sure, you can always go at it alone, but we advise tapping a pal or two to tag along. Not only will it make for late night dance parties and great Snapchat stories, but preparing as a group will make life much easier if you’re juggling work, school or both. The veteran festival campers at UphoricTV suggest splitting the cost of all supplies and delegating tasks, down to preparing the playlists. Rounding up the crew and caravanning to a musical utopia can be incredible, just make sure everyone in the group gets along. Things can occasionally get tense during tent set up, especially for the first timers.

Everything is in place and you’re ready to join the crowds on day one, but you’ve got that terrible feeling you forgot something. There’s nothing worse than packing your backpack for a day chock full of music only to realize you left a non-replaceable essential at home, but brought more toilet paper than you could ever need. Where are your priorities? That’s why our final recommendation is to pack wisely and select the most important items first. You also want to consider space at your designated camping site. It may be limited, so only bring what you really need. Most festivals have a “general store” on the grounds for emergency supplies, but stock is usually limited and you’ll pay top dollar for the convenience.

To recap: plan ahead, round up the squad, and only pack what you need. You’ll be better off, with more time to make memories with friends, meet new ones, and enjoy all the performances you planned to see.