Dreams Do Come True

The dreams of electronic music fans on the East Coast are about to come true today with the return of Dreamscape Festival in Darlington, Maryland hosted by Badass Raves. I will be honest, while I have never been to this festival, I’ve been hearing more and more about it since their debut last year. Based on the core principles of radical self expression and self reliance, acceptance, inclusion, respect and mindfulness, this festival is a 2-day camping, artistic, and musical experience where attendees are encouraged to create themed camps and submit ideas for camping activities.


This year, Dreamscape boasts an impressive and diverse lineup of artists including Justin Martin, Destructo, Louis the Child, and TWRK & OG Maco. The large and easily accessible campsite makes walking to the various stages easy for guests. Countless reviews from last year remark about how close the stages are in proximity so it is easy for guests to catch every single act.

Attendees of this festival will experience more than great music through the various community building activities. One can take group classes on meditation and dance or visit the theme camps built specifically for attendant enjoyment. There will be daily pool parties and dress up theme nights. Plan on Thursday May 5th for a onesie party, Friday May 6th to live a fairy tale, and Saturday May 7th to channel your inner superhero.

If I was closer to this festival I would definitely be in attendance. I appreciate the emphasis on community building and artistic expression, plus a stacked lineup of house, trap, and glitch doesn’t hurt. Tickets are still available and here are my musical suggestions for the weekend…

Listen:  Justin Martin – “Function”

Listen:  Destructo – “4 Real”

Listen:  Louis The Child – “Its Strange”