Rangleklods | South By Southwest

UphoricTV caught up with Rangleklods at Switched On, aka synthesizer heaven, in Austin, Texas. Their new album ‘Straitjacket’ fits the dreamy, electronic persona that has captivated audiences around the UK and soon-to-be the U.S. Band members Esben Andersen and Pernille Smith-Siverten geek out about synthesizers, their hopes of getting discovered and how they’ve found their voice by being free with their music.

Reid Speed | South By Southwest

Fun Fact: Reid Speed doesn’t want to see your dick on Snapchat. UphoricTV went to the K1 Go-Cart Track in Austin, Texas with DJ Reid Speed. Prior to racing, Speed discussed female representation in music, being an assertive professional and her love of playing music.

Twin Danger | South By Southwest

What happens when you’re friends with a saxophone player? Well according to Vanessa Bley of Twin Danger, you form “a sexy, bluesy, jazzy, fusion band.” Decked out in a zipper-lined vest, Vanessa sits down with UphoricTV at the annual South By Southwest Music Festival, and discusses the formation of friendship with saxophone front-men Stuart Matthewman, and how it evolved into their band as it stands today. With her creative past, this native New-Yorker references ‘pre-rock-n-roll jazz’ in the music she writes and performs.