Festival Rewind

Join our host rekLES in this BRAND NEW series as he travels the world in search of the most unique festival and cultural experiences.

Tomorrowland Brasil

Did you miss the inaugural Tomorrowland Brasil? Then you totally shouldn’t watch this video. It’ll make you green with envy for everyone who’s more awesome than you and actually went. But if you must, check out some of the festival highlights from Tomorrowland expansion into the rich culture-filled land of South America, and Brasil.

The Number Fest

Do you enjoy watching girls fight over who gets the best spot on stage to twerk their hearts out? Apparently, so does Diplo. You guys could totally be best friends. If you do indeed want to be his friend, he’d probably like it if you check out our festival recap of the 13th annual Number Fest in Columbus Ohio, the nation’s biggest college music festival featuring the latest hip hop and EDM talent.

TBD Fest

TBD: maybe it’s just a working title that the creators just stuck with, well either way we’re cool with that! TBD Fest located in Sacramento, California combines alternative, rap and EDM with ‘design and ideas’ to form a cornucopia of all things artistic. Check out the highlights from the 2014 edition.

Outside Lands

Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival is one of the premier American music festivals. Having the beautiful San Francisco bay as it’s backdrop isn’t the only draw, as the festival not only has a powerhouse line up, but puts just as much effort into providing a fantastic culinary and art scene.