Festival Rewind

Join our host rekLES in this BRAND NEW series as he travels the world in search of the most unique festival and cultural experiences.


Where house music meets summer camp… This is a festival for everyone! In this episode of Festival Rewind, rekLES visits Dirtybird Campout in Bradley, California, exploring its truly unique atmosphere. Meet Dirtybird’s founding father Claude VonStroke and find out just how a BBQ for 30 people over a decade ago grew into a music festival of over 10,000 people. We also feature some of the biggest names in house music.

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival

When the gates to The Grove open, ardent live music fans from around the world emerge from their fully-loaded campsites at Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival for camaraderie, nonstop music, and dancing. Watch the UphroicTV Festival Rewind and explore what this unique gathering has to offer.

Camp Bisco

It’s very fitting that Camp Bisco takes place at a water park, because we were hit with what felt like an absolute tidal wave of good vibes and an extraordinary experience. It’s hard to describe what goes on at Bisco each year so instead of us trying to put it into words, do yourself a favor and go live it yourselves!

Music City Food + Wine Festival

Enjoy this special edition of Festival Rewind as we take a look back at Nashville’s very own Music City Food + Wine Festival. With delicious eats, thirst quenching drinks, and great music, there isn’t a single sense left untouched.

Outside Lands

While it may be inside Golden Gate Park, this festival transports you to another world entirely. From amazing musicians, to visual artistry, all the way to the local cuisine and drink, Outside Lands encapsulates what the Bay Area is about and weaves it together masterfully for a unified experience you can’t find anywhere else.