Camp Bisco


Camp Bisco

It’s very fitting that Camp Bisco takes place at a water park, because we were hit with what felt like an absolute tidal wave of good vibes and an extraordinary experience. It’s hard to describe what goes on at Bisco each year so instead of us trying to put it into words, do yourself a favor and go live it yourselves!

The Disco Biscuits | Camp Bisco

We had the pleasure of hanging out on stage with Aron Magner of The Disco Biscuits hot off their amazing 6 set performance at this year’s Bisco. With topics ranging from the evolution of Camp Bisco as a festival, to their loyal fan base, all the way down to the perks of being in a “jamband”, this sit down is one you truly can’t miss!

Eyes Everywhere | Camp Bisco

Don’t let the chance encounters fool you, Eyes Everywhere has worked hard for their success and they credit their work ethic to the music scene that they call home, Buffalo, New York.

Just Kiddin | Camp Bisco

What do you get when you combine a bear, a blown semi truck tire, and a three hour flight delay? You get everything Just Kiddin had to go through to make it to their set at Camp Bisco!