Artist Access


Just Kiddin | Camp Bisco

What do you get when you combine a bear, a blown semi truck tire, and a three hour flight delay? You get everything Just Kiddin had to go through to make it to their set at Camp Bisco!

Eagles & Butterflies | Mysteryland

Chris Barratt (aka Eagles & Butterflies) never planned to be a touring DJ, but he’s doing a lot of touring now. Back and forth from the US to Ibiza, he loves chasing the sun and rocking dance floors along the way.

Infinity Ink | Mysteryland

There may be a lot of laughing and smiling in this interview, but Infinity Ink is serious you guys. Super serious.

Walker & Royce | Mysteryland

“If it looks like we’re really having a good time it’s because we are!” Nothing is better than seeing your friends succeed, and our friends Walker & Royce are doing just that. It was great to catch up with them and talk about the resurgence of House Music in New York City and why it may go underground, but will never die.

The Cuban Brothers | Clockenflap

What can you say about The Cuban Brothers? They’re amazing in every way. World Record holders for marathon masturbation and experts in “curbside karaoke” I only wish they could have given us some dancing lessons.

Penguin Prison | Mysteryland

Sometimes you just have to mix business with pleasure, even when you’re not sure which is which. At Mysteryland USA in upstate New York we sampled some amazing festival food from Tica’s Tacos while catching up with one of our favorite indie artists, Penguin Prison. “I’ll take ‘Rhymes with Nachos’ for $600 Alex!”