Artist Access


The Disco Biscuits | Camp Bisco

We had the pleasure of hanging out on stage with Aron Magner of The Disco Biscuits hot off their amazing 6 set performance at this year’s Bisco. With topics ranging from the evolution of Camp Bisco as a festival, to their loyal fan base, all the way down to the perks of being in a “jamband”, this sit down is one you truly can’t miss!

Walker & Royce | Mysteryland

“If it looks like we’re really having a good time it’s because we are!” Nothing is better than seeing your friends succeed, and our friends Walker & Royce are doing just that. It was great to catch up with them and talk about the resurgence of House Music in New York City and why it may go underground, but will never die.

Penguin Prison | Mysteryland

Sometimes you just have to mix business with pleasure, even when you’re not sure which is which. At Mysteryland USA in upstate New York we sampled some amazing festival food from Tica’s Tacos while catching up with one of our favorite indie artists, Penguin Prison. “I’ll take ‘Rhymes with Nachos’ for $600 Alex!”

Cassandra Jenkins | CMJ

For being a born and raised New Yorker, Cassandra Jenkins music has a heavy bluegrass backbone. So she invited us into her lovely home and made us a mean cup of chai to tell us why.

Eagles of Death Metal | Riot Fest

Jesse and Josh are the best of friends. They also make amazing music together as Eagles of Death Metal. At Riot Fest in Denver, we hopped on a tractor (yes, we did) and talked about recording their 1st album in 7 years.

Gui Boratto | Clockenflap

We experienced the amazing festival, Clockenflap, in Hong Kong along-side the equally amazing, Gui Boratto. We had a quick chat about his label D.O.C. Records, the progression of electronic music, and the beauty of playing on a diverse festival lineup.

Beckwith | TBD Fest

We caught up with Beckwith at TBD Fest in Sacremento, California to talk about how and why he crafts his sets the way he does, as well as how to feel out the crowd, and crate digging in the post vinyl age.

Beverly | CMJ Music Marathon

I wish every interview could happen over a Katz pastrami on rye. That’s the way we met up with NYC indie outfit Beverly. They told us how to know when a song is done and the benefits of “keeping it messy”.

French Horn Rebellion | CMJ

How many bands can you name that have a french horn sponsorship? French Horn Rebellion does! They told us all about the custom horn they’re having made and how to succeed by just being yourself.

Harts | Wonderfruit

After his first ever show in Thailand, we pulled up a bale of hay and had a chat with Australian rocker Harts. He told us all about his time with Prince (yes, Prince) and why he left a major label to go back to self releasing his own music.

Narc Twain | CMJ Music Marathon

Processing the Apocolypse with a sense of humor; Narc Twain frontman Tommy Siegel gives us some of the throwaway bandnames and tells us about his dark dreams of the future of New York City.

Lodro | CMJ Music Marathon

During CMJ Music Marathon, the band Lodro was lovely enough to invite us into their own home and give us a private performance. We chatted about the catharsis of live performances and creating your own sound through surrounding yourself in silence.

Pompeya | CMJ Music Marathon

In this Artist Access episode, we sit down with the band Pompeya, to discuss everything that you’d expect. Just your average talk of recording an album called “Tropical” in a blizzard with a dead dog named “Palm Tree” (the dog was not dead then).

DJ Tennis | Oasis Fest

From fighting off poisonous cobras to riding dusty camels, DJ Tennis spoke with UphoricTV in Marrakesh Morocco at the amazing Oasis Fest, topics ranging from life as a DJ and founding Life and Death Records.

Steve Aoki | Tomorrowland Brasil

With more countries represented than the Olympics, Tomorrowland, a favorite of Steve Aoki, is one of only a few major festivals where people from all around the world come to unite. UphoricTV grabs a quick backstage chat with the global DJ, Producer, and Dim Mak label owner, to talk Tomorrowland, the growing Latin American festival market, and the rhythm of Brasil!

Benny Benassi | Miami Music Week

“I know you DJ for fun but what’s your real job?” #DJproblems, one of the many that Benny Benassi has encountered with over twenty years of experience. UphoricTV went to bed with Benny Benassi, at the 2015 Miami Music Week, to get the intimate details about electronic dance music in America versus Europe.

Rangleklods | South By Southwest

UphoricTV caught up with Rangleklods at Switched On, aka synthesizer heaven, in Austin, Texas. Their new album ‘Straitjacket’ fits the dreamy, electronic persona that has captivated audiences around the UK and soon-to-be the U.S. Band members Esben Andersen and Pernille Smith-Siverten geek out about synthesizers, their hopes of getting discovered and how they’ve found their voice by being free with their music.

Reid Speed | South By Southwest

Fun Fact: Reid Speed doesn’t want to see your dick on Snapchat. UphoricTV went to the K1 Go-Cart Track in Austin, Texas with DJ Reid Speed. Prior to racing, Speed discussed female representation in music, being an assertive professional and her love of playing music.

Twin Danger | South By Southwest

What happens when you’re friends with a saxophone player? Well according to Vanessa Bley of Twin Danger, you form “a sexy, bluesy, jazzy, fusion band.” Decked out in a zipper-lined vest, Vanessa sits down with UphoricTV at the annual South By Southwest Music Festival, and discusses the formation of friendship with saxophone front-men Stuart Matthewman, and how it evolved into their band as it stands today. With her creative past, this native New-Yorker references ‘pre-rock-n-roll jazz’ in the music she writes and performs.

LA Riots | Sundance Film Festival

Daniel Linton, aka LA Riots, was raised in Utah, plays in Park City, and doesn’t wear socks? Apparently! Uphoric TV caught up with Daniel at the Sundance Film Festival this past January, where we learn about his obsession for movies and the moment in his career when he knew, “This is happening.”

Beach Fossils | CMJ Music Marathon

With their low-fi, atmospheric sound, Beach Fossils can take you back to the small venues and the close-knit music scene in New York from days gone by. UphoricTV caught up with these guys in a similar setting as they taught us how to play dice, all while talking about how their music went from being a solo project, to a group effort, giving us what is now known as Beach Fossils.

The Districts | Outside Lands

One thing is for sure, The Districts have remained a tight-knit group. Friends since high school, these band-mates are on the radar from their success at the Outside Lands in 2014 and number 28 on the Top Independent Albums list. UphoricTV asked the awkward question we’d all like to know about our favorite bands: How do they deal with all the girls?

Moby | The Hudson Project

In the 1990s, Moby gained traction as one of the pioneers of electronic-dance music, today this 47 year-old DJ is celebrating his success at festivals around the world including The Hudson Project where UphoricTV caught up with him. Currently Moby is enjoying being at the place where many DJ’s aspire to be: collaborating with their idols. Moby has had the privilege of collaborating with artists such as David Bowie and film maker, David Lynch. We sat down with this native New-Yorker to discuss his love for the old-days of New York and his new love, LA.