A Holiday Gift Guide For The Festival Fanatic

Everyone has that friend who’s been to every festival under the sun. From March to October they spend their weekends dancing with new and old friends as the biggest names in music deliver mind blowing performances. It’s a bohemian lifestyle they have unapologetically adopted and they’re not afraid to let everyone know. Can you blame them? In all honesty, we’re that friend. We live and breathe music festivals, so you’ll definitely find something any dedicated festival fan will appreciate in our official holiday gift guide.




There’s nothing worse than a dead battery after a three-day weekend of pure awesomeness. We’ve seen it one too many times, and often the poor bastards aren’t prepared to get themselves out of the sticky situation. We recommend jumper cables or even a complete emergency car kit, you never know what will happen.


If you have the means, a ticket to the music festival that die-hard fan in your life will never miss is the PERFECT gift. There are plenty of festivals to choose from, so do your research before you make the purchase, you don’t want to gift the wrong tickets. We did some research, and Voodoo Music + Arts Festival, Okeechobee Fest, Forecastle, and EDC Las Vegas are just a few festivals with tickets on sale now.


A killer campsite is a must at top outdoor festivals like Electric Forest and Firefly. But it takes plenty of greenbacks to achieve legendary campsite status. Help the festival fanatic in your life show up and show out this year with campsite essentials like a popup tent for extra shelter during the hottest part of the day, an air mattress – they’ll need their beauty rest, or a camping stove / grill so they can stay well nourished and ready to party. There’s so much you can add to your friend’s camping site to make it extra special. Just think outside the box.


A few years ago, we stood just a few feet from Red Hot Chili Peppers’ speaker wall for an entire show. Our ears would have buzzed and rung for weeks, but thanks to these inserts our ears were spared and we can hear to this day. Unlike us, your friends probably don’t wear earplugs. Do them a favor, and buy a pair this year. This set of plugs is our go to. They’re a little on the pricey side, but provide a nice level of hearing protection without feeling like you’re missing the live sound experience.


If tickets are out of the question, take a look at the merchandise section of your friend’s favorite festival. We literally wear our hearts on our sleeve, so that cool t-shirt, hat, or tote bag will always make a great gift, especially for that friend who meant to buy something, but let his or her sheer excitement get the best of them.


We don’t have that fancy Google phone that charges in 15 minutes and not every festival will come equipped with charging stations, so we recommend giving the gift of guaranteed phone power. When we added this little box to our festival packing list, it changed our lives. Now we can stay up to speed on all last-minute stage changes, weather updates, and, most importantly, keeping those at home from freaking out about missing anything. Our favorite phone charger will run you about $52, and you can order it online here.


For that friend still living in the good ole days, this coffee table book is for them. It’s the first and only official publication covering the history of Bonnaroo. It’s an oldie, but a goodie and the perfect gift for that friend whose festival days peaked in the late 90s. Help them relive the festival’s magic with more than 400 photos covering 10 years of Bonnaroo. Who knows, you may help them rekindle their love of festival life. You can snag the book here for just $20.